Szjerdene - ParagonEP


Release Date : November 5, 2015
Catalog ref. : SZJ001
Format : Digital Download

The time has come to present Szjerdene’s second EP in its blissful entirety, including two brand new singles co-written with Lapalux, ‘Abode’ and ‘Glass Age’. The ‘Paragon’ EP, is composed of six original tracks, each unravelling its own related tale of love, loss and self-discovery. Calling upon some of electronic music’s most exciting producers, including Quays, Glen Nicholls, and Lapalux, Szjerdene’s spellbindingly pure voice and stirring melodies collide seamlessly with their own signature frameworks, resulting in a sublime, immersive collection.

Patchwork EP

Release Date : January 1, 2013
Catalog ref. : ZENDNLS351

This year Szjerdene has aligned with Ninja Tune for the eagerly anticipated re-release of ‘Patchwork’ The EP’. Throughout this short four-song offering Szjerdene shows, in an unpretentious way, her spectrum of abilities in songwriting and arranging which are breathtakingly wonderful. With her unique mix of soul and folk inflected vocals combined with electronic leftfield sounds and folk-inspired melodies, Szjerdene presents a grounded understanding of her craft. Aptly named ‘Patchwork’, each song displays a different quality – the common feature being, blessed with the unique melodies and stories written by Szjerdene.


Release Date : April 6, 2015
Catalog ref. : BFDNL047
Format : Digital Download

The warm female voice that wanders through Lapalux’s “Closure” will be familiar to fans of downtempo electronica: London’s Szjerdene has been Bonobo’s preferred live vocalist for years. Like Bonobo, Essex’s Lapalux is never in a hurry to deliver his beautiful motives to the yearning masses. Coming from one of the more accessible producers on the Brainfeeder roster, this single, off Lapalux’s Lustmore LP, infuses some depressed R&B stylings into the imprint’s expected broken textures and interstellar musings. Delicate, passionate, and unexpected, this is the love so many look for. – Derek Staples